The ramblings of a bipolar schizophrenic who has difficulty matching socks.

For my friend, who saved my life.

I am currently working towards a career in herpetology. Before I entered kindergarten, I knew my only purpose in life was to spread the love for reptiles that I have to the rest of the world; and anything short of that would be an abysmal failure to me. Aside from reptiles, I like chess, arachnids, making things out of dead animals I find, and liquor.

I hope I can help you see the beauty in death and despair that I see.

The background is a portrait I drew. I chose it because it is a very quick summary of who I am and what you will find on my page without having to read a single line. I believe that if you do not embrace death and all things taboo, you are forever their slave.

Death is the final accountant of all. It is law, not punishment, to die.

ascii3                            stuart2

I also like to call myself “the world’s angriest hippy”

don’t claim my stuff as yours, but i doubt that would be a good idea, anyway.


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Fascinating.


  2. WK Tucker said:

    I applaude your embrace of self…and I like your poetry. My mind also strays–and mostly stays–on the dark side.


  3. breakdownchick said:

    Beautiful work! I am a believer in seeing the beauty of darkness, I find it very healing. Much luck and love with your writing, reptiles and whatever endeavors you pursue.<3

    Liked by 1 person

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