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Her wicked nails, they dance up my spine
the taste of her lips, sweet poison divine
toxic salvia – I wet my tongue
eying the table where now her dress hung
she falls into me, I follow her lead
her teeth tearing flesh is all that I need
my blood gets hot as my eyes dilate,
a fistful of hair – I don’t hesitate
to rip her away, her sweet skin exposed
pulling her tight, she keeps her eyes closed
I kiss her cheek as I clench her back
tighter and tighter ‘til I feel it crack
I twist her flesh to rip off a prize,
finally, at last, she opens her eyes
she bites my lip, smiling, she tears
I push her down, back at me, she stares
our fingers lock, she’s pinned to the ground
with her free hand, so silken the sound
of her splitting nails as she slices skin
arching my back, embracing our sin
she licks my blood off her fingertips
so easily, off her bra slips
I look to her with lust in my eye
longing to fuck so hard that we die
it’s my fantasy to fuck the dead
she wonders how long my corpse will give head
inside her at last, so soft, her moan
I break her fingers, exposing the bone
on them, I gnaw, as I kiss her hand
“Harder! Much harder!” is her command
she rocks her hips, and I drop my guard
between my ribs, she slips onyx shard
“Hurt me!” she screams, and oh, I’ll comply
I twist her breast to relish her cry
she rips my ear – off, to the ground
I’m so entranced, I must be spellbound
too much blood loss, my vision now blurred
with only one ear, her pleas are still heard
I feel her tighten, contorting with bliss
my chest to hers for one final kiss
I take the blade that I laid beside
tracing her hips and taunting my Hyde
I grab her thigh for one final thrust
loving the fruits of our sin and lust
I come inside and plunge that blade deep
her body goes limp, but this one I’ll keep
she got to me, and she stained my brain
I feel her life pump through each vein
I collapse onto her, our blood intertwined
leaving two lovers for others to find.