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I heard some sour people today,
who caught my eye (as they looked my way),
they took a chance, “He’s out of ear-shot…”
but as you can see, apparently not!
They said that my mind had gone astray;
that all of my threads had unraveled and frayed
but truly, ‘twas them! Born evil and mad!
Perhaps unwise, a concoction they had
I guess, I suppose, I’m reclusive, a bit,
but always benign is my drying wit
Man’s idiocy – it makes me so sad!
but back in my lab, there’s a reason I’m glad:
To all the world’s problems, I’m close to the cure!
I’ll hold off a bit, just to make sure
that my masterpiece is silver and shining,
that all the night’s stars are, at last, aligning!
All of these years, without a detour,
I’ve come too far now to fall for a lure
I’ll test it out tonight, so many subjects willing,
in lieu of the fact that their withdrawals are so chilling
they call me, “The Doctor”, when they need a fix,
but between us, the title’s just for kicks
that look in their eye when a new syringe is filling,
far from a sin, this is a mercy killing!