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I have had a lot of work to do recently. Just finished some freelance research for this recycling company, and kind of wrote myself into a hole on a longer piece im working on. took me a couple weeks to realize it, too, lol. should be back to posting every couple of days soon. thank you for returning.

I wrote a rhyming riddle,
specifically for you,
but I’ll say that to anyone
when it’s just us two


I part forests that grow tangled,
I’ll take your life and make it mangled
immaculate, when I’m born,
as I yellow, lovers mourn
grind me down over the years,
if it’s quick, you’ll slip on tears
easily, you can end me,
but you’re the one who’ll mind

Something between you and I,
I don’t always have an eye
sometimes, I am chained – restrained,
but trust me, friend, I bite back
and God forbid you make me crack

I bring fear to the hearts of men,
but I can’t fill this draining pen
titans die because of me,
both of the land, and of the sea
I help turn grandfather clocks,
and I’m vacant when he talks
I fell trees for bridges that burn,
and I’m seldom seen in an urn
I made a pig a primal man,
and I build a pretty good dam
tell me, friend, if you can
have you figured out who I am?