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Oh, to all the Angels
that already fell,
I’ve waited, far too long,
please take me to Hell

This world is so cruel,
truly, it’s a joke
illusionary mirrors
just reflecting smoke
all of my friends are dead,
the others, soon to be
a bullet in my head
sounds so good to me

Childhood aspirations
fizzle, before they’re born
each day, I’m a slave
my dreams are forlorn
each day is a curse,
my bread: maggots and snot
I’m reminded to feel worse
by my dreams for naught

At least no longer vacant,
my relationships are hollow
they just leave me empty,
blind, with none to follow
this curse-d lifelong fantasy
will surely be my death
it just brings me misery
with every breath

I dredge on eternal
cursed, with this life
I’ll never see old age
entranced by my knife
my throat begs the loudest,
the wrists are so cliché,
at last, I have the strength
to kill myself today

And to all those Angels
that already fell,
please, won’t you help me?
come take me to Hell.