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I cough up blood and lung
as I rot inside
I’ve bitten off my silver tongue,
cut off what it supplied
I stutter through soliloquy,
rather than die in dialogue
I think of what could still be
why won’t the Sun shine through this smog?
my sky is always tinted grey
when it isn’t black

I wonder what I’ll loathe today,
fixating on what I lack
my lust lost and love’s a lie,
everything is empty

Oh such torment, from this dull sky,
disperse! I’ve seen it plenty
little life is left for me
and well, I don’t mind

I drown in strangers, lost at sea,
hoping for some life to find
or, at least, some motivation
oh, where has life fled?
all I see is imitation,
cradle, to deathbed

I wish I was the only one
in this land, without Sun,
I fear the light is fading.