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Blood drops, like roses, trail to your bed,
silken, the cloth, and skin that you shed
your screams echo through me, they fill me with joy,
reminds me of cocoa when I was a boy
your skin
so smooth
made my heart race,
do I look like you when I’m wearing your face?
I look in your mirror, my fingers tap dance,
the gleam of your eyes put me in a trance

I strained to resist those feelings that I had,
for others tend to tell me that I’m a bit too mad
what you did to me, I could not contain
tender, my caress, tapping a vein
the iron of your blood – orgasmic, my eyes water,
the taste of virgin flesh, I get a little hotter
I gently lay you down, and I’m hypnotized,
Death’s lovely perfume
envelopes my bride.