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On the ground, I pour a shot
for those who have fallen
I smoke a bit too much pot,
without you, life’s appalling
I wonder what, to me, you’d say
if we were still inseparable
but lost on you, is today,
this lifeless world is abysmal
I continue, dredging on,
but it’s all coerced
I curse each day,
I loathe the dawn,
I’m begging for a hearse

Forever, you are lost to me,
this world, and its pleasure
happiness, I’ll never see,
unless we are together
it’s so easy to mourn the dead,
yet in life, rarely cherished
your last words run through my head
as alone, I perish

I thought my dreams would carry me
to a lovely place,
but they’re all dead,
all I can see
is blinding disgrace.