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I awoke, late one night
to my mother’s screaming
I’ve always resented
my interrupted dreaming
I took off my covers
and stepped out of bed
I opened my door
the hallway – splattered red

I raced to my parents’ room
echoed, did her cries
I opened their door,
which I’d not advise

My father: flayed – displayed,
nailed up to the ceiling
a dripping demon smiled
off mother’s skin, it’s peeling
I slammed the door and ran
right back to my room
forgot to lock my door,
please don’t be my doom

I gripped my bear, tight
protects me all the time
hiding under covers
as into bed, I climb

My door creaked open, slowly
as footsteps taunt and thud
that damned dripping, but of him
or of my parents’ blood?
it crawled beneath my bed
I’m frozen, and afraid
until the morning sun,
under my bed, it stayed

When I’m graced with light,
a sentence on the wall
it was penned in blood
that demon starts to crawl
the blood had run, but dried:

“Oh, naïve Jake,
It’s alright, cheer on up!
I know that you’re awake”