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Each day, I dream of murder
as I tug my cock
a drug-addict with liquor blood,
and fresh-stained are my Doc’s
I fix the problems of the world
at three A.M.
and when I’m out of weed to smoke?
I chew on the stem

I’ve replaced my blood with coffee,
nicotine: my brain
I count the tabs,
past one hundred,
was I ever sane?

I know the world is fucked,
but hey, I’m the pot!
I saw the silver lining
and pulled my noose taught

I fantasize of suicide,
but I am too weak
I sit and writhe,
in agony,
kicking H and tweak

If you ever happen
to stumble on this verse,
please, fucking kill me
I just want to die.



I wrote this a while ago and decided not to post it. Anyways, I believe I missed giving my appreciation when I reached 150 follows, so thank you, and here is some stuff that was buried. I make sure to read all of your stuff, I just rarely say anything because I am pretty apathetic and shy.

I hope that I have traumatized some of you at some point.