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I saw a little girl,
a beauty, blonde and fair
swinging in the sunset,
with lovely, braided hair
she looked like an angel,
to whom, none could compare,
her eyes locked with mine,
“The answer to my prayer!”
she gasped as I approached,
a shocked, wide-eyed stare,
“Come now, little girl,
I did not mean to scare-”
I paled as we touched,
she vanished in thin air!
I sat in her swing,
weighed thoughts one should not dare,
“A necro, or a pedo?
Fuck it, I don’t care!”
to live without her grace,
will on my psyche wear
so I will sit here, waiting,
for her, or my despair
to live without such sight –
a fate I cannot bare!
so I will sit here, silent,
asleep, but aware,
come to me, my angel,
I know that you’re out there!