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I saw something,
could have been nothing,
‘cause in the dark, the shadows lie

My skin clammed,
my door slammed,
there was no wind, I’m gonna die

I’ve lost my mind,
it I will never find,
to my sanity, I say, “Good-bye”

I saw something,
and it wasn’t nothing,
in the dark, glows the Evil Eye

It approaches me,
I guess it can see,
with strangers, I’m a little shy

I try to run,
but my shoe’s undone,
I trip and fall, “Oh God, why?”

Now it’s looming over,
that evil rover,
I fish for change for my life to buy

It’s all in vain,
my fate’s so plain,
that monster lifted me up to the sky

I grit my teeth,
my city beneath,
I close my eyes and start to cry

It lets me go,
and I don’t fall slow,
I wish that I knew how to fly

As I hit the ground,
“Splat!” is the sound!
cover a Mormon in red tie-dye

I should have listened
to my intuition,
‘cause in the dark, Man is but a fly.

I have no idea if this piece has a beat or not, I cant get this song out of my head: