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Cobwebs hang from my fingers,
my skin has turned to stone
my bones have fused – calcified
and on me, moss has grown
I’ve lost count of the days,
a blessing in disguise,
and all those children I watched grow
came back to patronize

I’m cursed to watch the world unfold,
but I can’t lift a finger,
I have the answers, but no voice
to call for my death’s bringer
with each day, I erode and crumble
just a little more
stained and burned by the sins
of those who came before

Every mark etched upon me
shows where I have been
but they can’t hold a candle
to those carved within
with life eternal, I’ve watched kings fall,
cities sacked by men,
and when a light of hope shines,
it’s always snuffed again

Every castle that I see,
I’m soon to watch it fall
no one hears my silent screams,
if they’d even care at all
I’ve watched Man carve himself,
hard – but so brittle
he held the tools of Maker gods,
but his hands were too little.