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I’ve come to find the living a bore,
so I had the mind to summon a whore
she came to me late in the night
she comes for me, my unholy sprite
I run my fingers through crimson hair
she is an angel, none can compare
she takes my hand, climbs up on me
she won’t let me move, she won’t let me see
she drags her nails across my chest,
for this angel, I must be blessed
I feel her nails slice me so deep
with her in my bed, I’ll never sleep
I don’t know why I went outside
I could have had an unholy bride
she takes me to pleasure that I’ve never known,
she bites my neck, so soft her moan
I join her and I do the same
the taste of her blood, it sparks a flame
I grip her flesh and pull her in tight
loving her smell, my knuckles white
she came to me in heels and mesh
I feel her teeth sink into my flesh
it’s starting now to be too much
but I can’t resist her holy touch

All of my friends, they fade away
I seem to have less every day
I stay inside, where all is right,
I stay inside, to her delight
no one can hurt me if they can’t find,
so I stay inside, to me they are blind
I’ve tried so hard to invite them in
to spend time with me, partake in my sin
they always have some reason contrived
as to why they keep me deprived
they say some shit about “Another day,”
but I know they mean, “Go away!”
I step outside and try their style,
it seems alright, for a while
when it’s too much, and I need to rest
I take a break, getting too stressed
before I know it, they’ve left me alone,
left me to die, quick to disown
when I try to build up my life
I take the hand of my ethereal wife
she whispers softly into my ear
something that I needed to hear
she reminds me of all the pain
that I’ve felt from Chile to Spain
at the hands of my so called friends
they justify means, I make their ends
I’ll light them on fire, eat them alive,
knock on their door, smile when I arrive
maybe then something will go my way
maybe my plans will finally obey
all of my hopes, and all of my dreams
just fantasy, or so it seems

I stay inside, relive what I know
my love and I, inside we grow
together, our love soars to new heights
why would we ever turn off the lights?
she lets me know of the world’s terror,
with where she’s from, so little will scare her
in her embrace, I know that I’m safe
even though I look like a waif
I look like I have gone to shit,
but trust me now, I must admit,
with her in my sight, I’m finally at peace
all of my woes, with her, they cease
she makes me happy, and the world outside
is truly the one from which you should hide
it’s full of death, hatred, and pain,
truly a Hell, of course I’ll abstain

not really sure where i was going with this one but i like how it sounds