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The tears of children are so sweet,
it’s a treat that can’t be beat
to see them crying as I smile
to petrify a brat named ‘Kyle’

But honestly, it’s far too easy,
I feel sleazy, a bit queasy
but when I step into their dreams
I feast on supple, high-pitched screams

In their dreams, I’m overjoyed
‘til I’m annoyed, their mind destroyed
I get happy as they crumble,
take a nap, they only mumble

To new prey, and to new fun,
I’m never done, I’ve just begun
addicted to a taste divine,
addicted to those under nine

Oh my sweet, I must thank you
for the sins that you entice
just lay back and let me take you
I promise that I’ll be nice

When I step into your room,
I know you’re not asleep
cheer up now, what’s with the gloom?
just don’t make a peep

Oh sweet, we both know
that this is what you want
I can see it in your eyes
courtesy of you
and if you didn’t want me
to find you here tonight
then why do you lay still,
huddled in the light?