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People look at me like I’m Hannibal Lecter,
just because I gave the speech, “The Cannibal Lecture”
you should hear the shit they sling about me
ever since the one called, “Eugenic Sympathy”
Gandhi said that we should all be the change,
Satan said to me something quite the same
stupid fucks shouldn’t get to breed,
a waste of of life when they conceive

I want to take each moron and grind their bones,
turn them to dirt, unmarked headstones
it makes no sense to let them live
a waste of space, no fucks to give
a right to life is just fantasy,
some of us are just hexed to be
a hindrance with no aim,
nothing but a shame

But in their deaths, they’d be reborn
fertilizing crops like corn
at least then, their contribution
would not be a tax
so many problems, one solution
you can’t deny the facts