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There’s a figure in the dark
I cannot see
it’s always there
stalking me
I feel it

my muscles tense
my skin crawls
my neck kinks
my spine coils
my sweat, cold
my hair, erect

There’s a figure in the dark,
I hear it tap to me
my eyes, wide and darting
my heart skipped, restarting
just shadows here with me

My lights are always on
nightly, I pray
‘til the coming dawn,
I know I’m prey
I taste it

In the dark, I do not tread
for it fills me with dread
I stay in the light
pretending all is right
I smell it

The figure in the dark
says, “Hello!” to me
my fear and my regret
took control of me
I see it

My shadow, in the dark
blends in perfectly
it coerced my fear
to ruin me
the figure in the dark
I cannot see
it’s only Fear
here with me.