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Amidst the shadow’s secrecy,
I feign a guise of normalcy
I fantasize religiously
of murder in the first degree

I live with the hairless ape,
but hold none at my side,
I think myself quite the gourmet,
but hunt man for his hide

I stalk my prey from afar,
and study each wretched motion,
since I don’t have the time for games,
I slip him a potion

Under his skin, I’ll slice and slide,
then prod out his intestine
with dirty nails, I pick his brain,
he mumbles through each question

As he bleeds out, on my floor,
the agony is mine
my growing hunger – never sated,
nor is my quest divine

Man’s a mistake, the cure: extinction,
I take upon me his deletion
and when my mission’s reached completion,
back to Hell, with high distinction.