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As of late, I have been much more busy than I am used to. I will try to post more often in the future.

If your brat keeps on crying,
like a cat, skinned and dying,
well I’ll just step on in
when you don’t lock the door
I bet your head will spin
cleaning blood up off your floor

On that night, I’ll sleep at last,
no more by cries shall I be harassed,
then I’ll wake to chirping birds
and a beauty in my arms
she’ll heal me with her words
and soothe me with her charms

But that’s a dream, perhaps delusion,
lack of sleep from shrill intrusion
makes me want to rip my ears off
and break that babies face
I go insane when I hear it cough,
I want to kick it into space

Just one scream gets me heated,
I bet tomorrow, my woe’s repeated,
I’ve tried so hard to quell the rage
spawned from filth and sin
I’m trapped in Hell, locked in a cage
my patience wearing thin

Could this pain be just illusion,
pointing fingers in confusion?
misanthropic, my thoughts say, “No”
and to kill every child
I’ll send them to the crib below,
with their skulls stacked and piled

Down my hands, hot blood pouring,
in an hour, I’ll be snoring,
the night is quiet, at last still
subtle, the wind’s roar
skin-ning this child gives me a thrill,
such lust I can’t ignore

I try to sleep, but such persistence
from new tears off in the distance
makes it futile, I hope in vain
for a chance to count some sheep
a wrath inside I can’t contain
won’t let me get to sleep.