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Come now, children, can you hear me calling?
the night is young, for the Sun’s just falling
a tune and beat that none can resist
follow me through fog and mist

I’ll lend and ear when you’re dying inside
when you’re low, my high will provide
just fall in line and walk with me
it’s better here, won’t you agree?

I love to change out my disguises
while a moon of blood, into darkness rises
a symphony that’d make a siren silent
will make you limp, and immeasurably violent

Come with me, from your path diverging
in your blood, my song is surging
you can run and hide, but I’ll always find you
a step behind, but my path is true

Now bring your friends, they’ll be ecstatic
(if they understand your words erratic)
show them our dance, or sing our song
at my side, your friends belong

I grace their ears – they’re mesmerized
I kiss their lips – they’re so surprised
they hum the song you’ve grown to dread
they hum the song stuck in your head

Come now, children, can you hear me calling?
down to Hell, your soul I’m hauling
take my hand, and let me guide you
and your friends, I want them, too

When you’re alone, feel my caress
I soothe the pains you can’t repress
you’re like a puppet under my command,
my song is all you understand.