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Talking to yourself
for just a bit of time,
can make the world make sense
and your days sublime
and talking to yourself
until the night turns day
will make your problems jokes,
if they don’t just go away
but talking to yourself
for a little bit too long,
surely, could do no harm,
for what could go wrong?

Just talk to yourself
nestled in your bed
the voices never sleep,
they’re always in your head

Just talk to yourself,
I’m sure you’ll understand
you need to wake up early –
at least that’s what you’ve planned

Argue with yourself
about what’s right or wrong
the world has gone to shit,
from Rome to Hong Kong
now berate yourself,
even if it could be worse,
you truly are a failure,
fit only for a hearse
why would you even try
to find some inner peace?
you know what you did,
your happiness will cease

Just talk to yourself
if you ever want to know
what’s wrong with your life
because the Void will show

Just talk to yourself,
if you ever want to cry
you’ll tear yourself apart,
and then you’ll want to die.