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As fire burned the whole town,
we lost our will to live
in Hazard Lake, the mother’s drown
their children – spare the rusty shiv

A day I’d not relive,
when taint rose from the cracks
a sin I can’t forgive,
unarguable facts

My life paid my tax
to hate, wrath, and despair
each harvest, vile sludge sacks
our harvest – dead and bare

We tried so hard, but meet defeat
Death, the whore – immortal cheat.


Fore since from the cracks,
Death rose to bring us pain,
all joy, our lives lack,
our smiles, we only feign
all life, the sludge will drain

Sometimes, myself I ask
if I brought this bane
what could be its task,
if not to slay and reign?

I’m down to my last cask,
and bathe in the destruction
flames hot enough to bask
dancing with seduction
at least some beauty sprinkles death,
twinkling eyes with my last breath


No need to salt the Earth,
since nothing ever grows
a deformed virgin birth
our plight clearly shows
so quickly, salvation froze,
it only took one night
from the cracks, Death swiftly rose
ate the infant in one bite

I wish that was the height,
our pinnacle of pain
but no, Death would smite
all without gain

The Earth was swallowed by black taint,
but the grass is greener if you drink lead paint.