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I feel my heart descend
again, rage is my only friend
heavy, sinking further
than I ever knew
Judas in my view

I rarely see the world in red
abysmal and grey, living dead
I’d like to live a life in pink
that’s too much to ask
so I nurse a flask

Fires of wrath singe my fingers
throughout the day, my hatred lingers
it’s rarely the person, often an action
clairvoyance through rage, sometimes, the person
continues to worsen

My hatred sends my stomach churning
boiling blood, with wrath burning
it makes me happy
to live this life of hate
my vacant heart – my lead weight

Sometimes, the others
who claim they are my brothers
try to make me laugh
but they can never sate
my abyssal hate

Pleasure from my pain
with wrath in every vein
angels to some, demons to others
bring me pain from my pleasure

I hate without measure.

wrote this for my 24th birthday