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It took a lot of rum to write this. It is pretty disgusting and graphic, like most of my stuff, but this one actually gets a warning label.
Be careful what you wish for.

50 Shades of Teddy

Sarah so sweet, such a good little girl,
in bed by nine, by blankets curl
with teeth as white as any pearl,
could not know what would unfurl

One night, her mother sung her to sleep,
I hear her in the closet, with button eyes, I peep
waiting for my chance, for each night I creep
I love to smell the hair, of Sarah fair, asleep

One night, Sarah wished upon a star,
her childish wish, not bizarre
that she gave to a light so far,
made me rise, soulless, with Hell’s char

When her mother shut the door,
a symphony, by Sarah’s snore
her silken skin, I adore,
I shake her awake, and then to the floor

Sarah knows I’ll never sympathize,
but every night, she always cries
her mother’s deaf, or at least unwise,
but tonight’s the night she finally dies

I kiss Sarah’s cheek, when with her, I’m done,
I think I enjoy it, but I don’t know what’s fun
I don’t know why she refuses to run,
I’m made out of cotton, just punt me, hun

I clean myself up, on her pillowcase,
and how I love that look on her face
“Your fucking mother is a disgrace,
so that whore, I will erase.”

She begs me not to, and I think I’ll stay,
I think I’ll have another lay
her little legs, apart I splay,
a glutton for tonight’s buffet

I lick my lips, and savor the taste,
I’m in Heaven, but Hell she’s faced
across her lips, my stuffed tongue traced,
she tastes of salt, copp-er, and waste

Her tears fuel my fire
through tiers of desire,
I fuck her and admire,
her screams just inspire

When I’m done, my Sarah’s bawling,
she won’t walk, tomorrow: crawling
her tears, I love, are now just stalling
her mother is fuck-ing appalling

I smile to Sarah, ever slight,
as I feast upon her fright
last night, I came across her kite,
now it glows, green and bright

I skip down the dim-lit hallway,
fantasize my coming prey
“ ‘the fuck is this, fat whore fillet?”
I’m too late, to my dismay

“Well now, Sarah, you’re in luck!
Tonight you are more than a fuck.
My world will hit you like a truck,
when from this world, it’s you I pluck.”

I skip down the dim-lit hallway,
fantasize my coming prey
crack the door, there’s my bouquet,
she’s still bawling, and that’s okay

I wipe a tear from her cheek,
my soft Sarah, ever meek
now that she knows her life is bleak,
she follows me without a squeak

In her closet, lamb blood dripped,
as my sigil slowly ripped
she tries to scream, but is ill-equipped,
to another world, her soul is stripped

Closing fast, now through the portal,
not to a place fit for a mortal,
to the realm of Kara Cortal,
of the Daemon King, Val-ek Immortal

When I’m spat out, she’s on all fours,
in a pit of rotting whores
fluids filling pre-teen pours
while I hum tunes from The Doors

I pull her out, and softly chuckle,
lift her up, but her knees buckle
break her fingers at the knuckle,
a demon cock for her to suckle

I think it’s funny to watch her stumble,
“But I’m not certain,” under-breath mumble
and as the walls roared to crumble
to the ground, I watch her tumble

“Come now, Sarah, don’t make me late
for the feast that you’ll create.
My guest of honor, and my date,

until I serve you on my plate.
Was it something that I said? There’s no need to cry,
I’m really not such a bad guy,
I’m really just a little shy.
So tell me, please, why do you cry?”

She gave me no answer, just looked at me sadly,
a look I love to love so madly
and when I see that I’ve hurt her badly,
I do it again, and do it gladly

So many others are here tonight,
makes my button eyes glow bright
as I smell the air of fright,
I masturbate with much delight

Before us stood a line a mile,
as we walked, single file
I recognize her neighbor, Kyle,
soft and fat, makes me smile

Monsters, demons, teddy’s too,
feast upon a child they knew
boil them, roast them, turn them stew!
tonight I’ll cook up something new

“Come now, Sarah, dry those tears!
Join me in some songs and cheers!
Watch them melt away your fears,
while we feast upon you peers!”

My Lord, please, do her eyes water,
but so sweet, this preacher’s daughter
like a lamb fit for slaughter,
rack of lamb, with A-cups (hotter)

By now I’m tired of her fits,
but not of those naughty bits
knock her out with two quick hits,
a masterpiece when her head splits

In my arms, she slept in peace,
nestled in my fur of fleece
made sure that I got a piece,
before her rest came to cease

I’m sure I’ll miss my favorite prey,
(at least I’ll miss the nightly lay)
Once more, her legs, apart I splay,
so sweet the smell of my bouquet

I don’t recall what drove me to
view my Sarah as a stew
but now I do! That fucking shrew!
another took – another slew

It doesn’t really sync up straight
how my Sarah met this fate
but her mother, of much weight,
is the one I truly hate

I knew her only wish was that,
(aside from be-ing not so fat)
that my Sarah, who fell flat,
would live in ease, with her own brat

I’m passed a leg, I think it’s Thai,
but who knows, I’ll have a try
it’s way too hot, oh god, why?
for a beat, I thought I’d die

I wake her so she gets a taste
of a toddler, cocaine laced
prop her up with her skull braced,
chew it for her, to a paste

Gently force it down her throat,
her eyes bulge, moaning note
in a crowd, but we’re remote
not so far from ferryboat

At last our turn, and this was fun!
I hope she won’t be overdone
knock her out, time for just one,
fill her up, and make a pun

I look into her eyes and say,
“Good night, my sweet, nightly prey,
it’s you I love, for whom I pray,
that you make a great soufflé.”

I feast on her, long past the night,
consumed by bliss with every bite
she tastes so good, I was right,
to glaze her, with my delight.

my depressing poems seems to do better than the stuff I think is funny. I will work harder at integrating the two.