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Last week’s when I first heard the tapping,
against my door, but now I’m snapping
that five-legged freak with the face of my mother
kicked down my door, and then I’d implore,
“Oh beast from beyond, from world another,
tell me – why do you wear the face of my mother?”

A grotesque sight before me, back my mother stared,
its wrinkled skin was pale, and I was not prepared,
four feet up, one tapped on my floor, a rhythmic rumble
that would shake the whole street, what powerful feet
could threaten my house with quick coming crumble
silent, the freak, just makes me stumble

I guess by the tapping, I was entranced,
for I didn’t notice the freak advanced
but just in time, I see the charade,
three strides before me, barely, I flee,
locked in my basement, now build a blockade
I hope this freak is more than delayed

Each night and day, the freak was unrelenting,
the tapping! The tapping! The tapping I’m resenting
as it grows stronger, I do neurotic
this tapping so cruel, March of the Ghoul
amidst the chorus, so hypnotic,
I find my fingers dance psychotic.