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As in my bed, I laid lamenting,
with wicked thoughts, I was fermenting
that all my life, I’ve lived a lie,
I’ll be forgotten when I die

I hear my thoughts trail to despair,
while I breathe thick cig’rette air
I tap a barrel to catch a buzz
it never helps, but I think it does

The hours melt to drop like rain,
so damn common, by now it’s plain
my welcomed death, I can only feign,
I wish I called my brother “Cain”

As my night turns ear-less venting,
all my woes, at once cementing
sinking deep into my floor,
an endless pit that Hades bore

I second-guess my sight, this surely can’t be trusted
the Sun rising now, my eyes long past crusted
and as the hole would spread, I knew this to be true:
this ever feeding maw, Hell it would drag me through

So this is how it ends, consumed by fear and hate?
gazing down the depths, I saw its spawn sedate
a colossal demon hand sprung out from Satan’s gate,
completely wrapped around me, pulled me to my fate

I’m not certain for how long I fell,
or rather, was pulled, down into Hell
my screams were drowned, my limbs restrained,
descend for days by demons chained

In the dark, my thoughts are real,
but I know I’ve made no cross-roads deal
my life so quickly becomes a joke
through all the horrors that I’d invoke

As I fell, something followed me down
a face in the wall that laughed like a clown,
a sadistic smile that would shift to a frown
extends from the wall, while with fear I drown

Its eyes were black, soulless, and cold
its slack-jaw cracked while its worm tongue rolled
it encircled my legs, pulled back to its teeth
while a nail like a sword rose up from beneath

My screams would shatter glass, as my legs were slow to sever
it slurped them up like noodles, but I swear it took forever
and as my pain consumed, I knew Hell wasn’t done,
maggots from my wounds, my nightmare’s just begun

In my fall eternal, out the face would pour
neck, shoulders, arms (but of arms, this one has four)
but then that hand released me, I crashed into the floor,
a pool of puke and blood, with walls of only gore

“About time with the snack, but I much prefer your screaming,
I’d have to say my favorites, you gift me when you’re dreaming,
I’ll let you rot awhile, while I get back to my scheming.”

The face fell into the adjacent wall, after its fiendish taunting,
long past the echo, they stay in my head, the walls words were ringing and haunting
what could it mean, that it prefers the screams,
that I gift it in my dreams?

My thoughts were interrupted by my maggots ceaseless torrent
my legs turned into stumps, by a golem so abhorrent
my back contorts in pain, my sinful, wicked bane,
these walls won’t contain, I’ll see that beast been slain

I struggle to pull myself, to my bars made out of bone,
with every inch through blood, a gut-curdling groan
and as my screams subside, I hear I’m not alone,
a shadow up the hall, by torchlight, face is shown

“Could it be time for my next feeding?
or, perhaps, you’re fit for breeding?
But, I mean – not with me. Don’t you go misreading.”

Its face! Its face! I’ll never forget that face!
of course it guards this place
its four arms hold no key
there’s no lock, but I’m not free

As the torch trails through the hall,
illuminates the rotting wall
it grins before my cell of bone,
this troll! Have I shrunk, or has he grown?

Oily orange pus bathed his wrinkled skin,
its noxious odor vile, reeked worse than sin
I really, truly, hope that I drank too much gin
its black eyes never blink, pokes my with a pin

“I’m gonna bet, you’ll be entertaining;
soon with your intestine, the wall I will be staining.
But you, I’ll keep alive, to savor you’re complaining.”

Drool drained down while its yellow lips curled,
I ran out of puke, or I would have hurled
it kicked down the gate
walked to me straight

Three hands of slime pull me up from the ground,
he spits acid on my face, my screams his favorite sound
my arms shatter in his grip,
a splash of blood when maggots drip

With his free hand, he skins me alive,
I’m such a fool, to drink before five
I’m not certain if I’ll survive
this horrid Hell, where angels dive

“Please, oh please, don’t let me disrupt,
your screaming so sweet – has stopped so abrupt.
It’s just you and me, you won’t interrupt.”

He breaks my arms again, coaxing out my pains,
loads me up with acid, needles in my veins
as I hang there, my blood burning,
of my fate, I’m swiftly learning

“You see, my child, you I’ve been trailing,
at each turn, I’ve sent you failing.
At your dead-ends, I await your wailing.

It’s not just you, others I’ve broken,
but I’ve never met any so dumbly outspoken.
I’ll take your tongue for my next token.”

With my resistance fleeting,
my skin, this troll is eating
he tells me that I taste of shit
I think I’m glad, but out of wit

True to his word, my gut he rips out,
black blood and maggots, from my wound spout
of what he’ll do next, I have no doubt
he broke my ears with his next shout

“I don’t know why you insist on crying.
I already told you, you won’t be dying,
and I won’t let you, don’t bother trying.”

Well, if he thinks my tongue his prize,
I’ll give him foggy eyes
I bite it off, and try to swallow,
down my throat, his fingers follow

“Did you think that I wasn’t serious?
I told you once, plain as day, but in case you are delirious,
there’s no escape, you’ll never die! It’s really not mysterious.”

My fate sinks in and I start to cry,
my only wish: to quickly die
my entrails trail across the wall,
my screams carry down the blood-soaked hall

So this is to be my life, ‘til the end of days?
I bet if I crawled out, a minotaur and maze
why’d I think to drink, when my friends asked to blaze?
I’ll never see the Sun, or feel its warming rays

“Cheer up, lad! You should be excited!
It was a gift, to leave you sighted,
and for my wife, to not be invited.”

I refuse to believe that this troll has a wife,
unless, like me, he wrote her life
but still, it’s too damned difficult to think,
that with this beast, one’s heart would sync

My arm in his mouth, he rakes off my flesh
claiming that somehow, it’s much better fresh
I feel his nails start to puncture my lungs,
his hair turns to flame – he starts speaking in tongues

He forced his tongue down into my throat,
into my stomach, making me bloat
pulled it out slowly, quickly to gloat
growing the horns of the Mendes Goat

“You see, my boy, it’s really quite simple.
Here, in my world, you’re less than a pimple.
Now give me a smile! At least one dimple.”

What have I done to deserve,
such pain in every nerve?
but worse yet is the fear,
with more looming near

“I think I’ll let you marinate, and in your pain revel.
I suggest you pray to Satan, your Lord here on this level,
and when you hear god answer, praise that Holy Devil.”

To me, this waiting is the cruelest torture,
my blood still tainted, this acid’s a scorcher
a moist collision rings, my intestine hit the floor
it’s only been a day, but I know he still has more

In this pit, I’d rot and fester
intermittent rats would pester
the limping one, I take a jester
half a tail, call it Sylvester

The troll comes back as he pleases,
necrotic flesh spawns new diseases
each piece he takes, that day grows back,
spare maggot legs, where blood runs black

One day, he slept in my cell,
my cruelest fate, my darkest hell
I knew this was my chance,
silent, my advance

As I crept close, that wicked smile,
he was awake, all the while?
he opened his mouth, with blinding breath vile,
covered my face in a caustic bile

“Please, my prey, give me more credit.
I’ve already told you, I’ve already said it,
there’s no escape, and I’ve yet to edit!”

My face begins to sizzle, then I smell it cook,
thank god there’s no mirror, I bet like hell I look
but honestly, by now, I’m sure there is no god,
and if I ever meet one, I swear it will be flawed

So this is how I’ll end my days,
forgotten here, in an unholy daze
and when I think I’ll get some sleep,
across my neck, his fingers creep

In black eyes, I see his fun,
burning bile bakes me well done
and when I think my life he’s won,
he sets me free, calls me his son

“Cheer up, lad, it’s not so bad, to this you were a chooser,
and all those many woes you had, as a lonely boozer,
they aren’t so bad now, are they, loser?”