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Could it really be a figment
that haunts me every night?
devoid of hue and pigment
laughing at my fright
always out of reach,
but never out of sight
I’ve never heard it screech,
just laughing out of spite

When I am gifted with colors bright,
I’m overjoyed, ‘til I recall
I live in a hell every night
when from the corners, demons crawl
their silken skin an irradiant white,
sometimes red, or neon blue
I can never sleep when I incite,
there is no telling what they’ll do

I once went to get some water,
one chilling summer’s night
amidst the snores of sleeping daughter,
a shadow in my sight
I felt it wrap around me,
restrained me with its might
but then it set me free,
laughing at my fright

I wonder what they’ll do tonight
to take me to tomorrow’s dawn?
all the prayers that I recite
just make the demons stretch and yawn
maybe just once, I’ll be alright
remove the soot from around my eyes
but with the flash of colors bright,
my plans of rest I need revise

Another night of restless grinding,
just my gums with which I bite
at last it’s day, with rays so blinding,
warmed by the Sun with my delight
with the day, I’m relaxed and free,
enticed by the gleam of electric light
I hear the song of a wailing banshee,
finally ending is my plight.