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As I watch them wave and bend,
the walls tell me they are my friend.

Sometimes it’s quick, sometimes it’s slow
with waxing and waning, some form they’re obtaining
I know their names, and Sue hates Joe
on me they’re draining, my patience is straining
a lover’s quarrel when they used to glow
it’s me they’re restraining, no ground are they gaining
Joe’s a prick, and Sue’s a hoe
relentless complaining, to care I am feigning
drill bit lobotomy I bestow
some sanity regaining, but little’s remaining
the ceiling chimes I should watch a show
from that I’m abstaining, its taste I’m disdaining
the knots and shadows morph high and low
rarely constraining, but sight they are staining
as they please, they come and go
sometimes entertaining when trapped by the raining
some are of above, others birthed below
this ceaseless campaigning I’m somehow sustaining
they can be a drag, but seldom bring woe
(I’m fine with the reigning, but not with detaining!)

And as I watch them wave and bend,
I know the walls are my best friend.

felt better today than i thought i would. also, turns out my medicine is 40% dxm. i think the two are related.