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A week of rain has turned the ground
setting out with loyal hound
a cavern funnels wails of pain
mangled screams from infernal dreams
a gate to hell, or so it seems
clanging rattle from whips of chain
so alluring, so enticing
so serine the sounds of slicing
lulled and caressed, the cavern I enter
the air ripe with torment
a musk so abhorrent
catch my breath and find my center
the cries and cackles ring
the air begins to sting
my flesh begins to melt and sag
but oh how warm this way feels
constricting turns and Solomon seals
a whiff of death makes me gag
straightened tunnel brings cracks of light
what the hell, this can’t be right
boundless vats of pure corruption
dismembered creatures boiled in muck
they’re not alone, just my luck
goblin’s growl brings forth eruption
an onyx arm grips its vat
spitting out chimeric rat
its body man, with rodent head
dripping death and adder tail
kneels before the goblin pale
a loathsome beast from hatred bred
the spawn rose to kiss its master
with growls rolling faster
hundreds, thousands, countless rise
grotesque ghouls and malformed monstrosities
malicious masters prod on atrocities
bathing beasts before my eyes
a horrid herd with screams of anguish
this endless pit in which they languish
began to crumble with triumph’s roar
louder they howl, faster it falls
collapsing cavern with wavering walls
I would run, but there went the floor