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Every breath of air so thick
burns my eyes; my stomach’s sick
blisters birth, boils burst
caustic swamp surely cursed
oh what joy, just my luck
one foul step and now I’m stuck
brace myself on neighbor stick
thankfully, that did the trick
far from home in soothing Zan
where this dreadful pace began
slogging through endless muck
every step the swamp will suck
wince in pain at primal screech
torment rivals drinking bleach
darting eyes quickly scan
is it beast, mind, or man?
shadow of a distant troll
on a placid midnight stroll
silhouette removes my speech
deep inside I try to reach
find the strength to continue on
another night turning dawn
closer now, with eyes of coal
pulsating filth without control
its seeping skin wrinkled and peeled
an unhinged jaw gaped and revealed
in its mouth a rotting swan
from what nightmare could this spawn?
a sinful grin paints its face
through the swamp with divine grace
it grabbed a trunk as club to wield
please don’t let my fate be sealed
I tried to run, but all in vain
adhesive mud is its domain
upon me now, an easy chase
I hold my ground and try to brace
it laughs at me, like it’s a game
asking me from where I came
carefully, a life I feign
claim a kingdom that I reign
somehow it passed, that crafted line
leads me to its putrid shrine
shows it off with timid flame
tells me of its life of shame
view myself from afar
see now how that shame did scar
this solemn, dismal life of mine
is to another a holy sign
I shake his hand and kiss his cheek
tell him that it’s not so bleak
through him I learned of the char
that covers any newborn star
once more, alone, I travel forth
I hope that I am headed north
my aching legs are so weak
but by god does this swamp reek
by now I feel that I should tell
I have a fungus formed in hell
I ask myself, Vezix the fourth,
“How the fuck do I rhyme with ‘north’? ”
my feet are rotting from this stay
in a swamp with waters grey
with each step I feel them swell
I can’t imagine how they smell
in the trees, spiders walk
the size of cows, me they stalk
view me as a grand buffet
to circumvent would just delay
move aside to waters deep
hopefully, croc’s are asleep
slowly swim ‘round the clock
what was that, can spiders talk?
this campaign will drain my life
just like my second, wicked wife
stronger currents try to sweep
just some rest and life I’ll keep
wake to find myself gone blind
thankfully, I’m just entwined
freed from silk with rusty knife
how have I earned this strife?
pull it off, every strand
burning rain from venom gland
to this death I’m not resigned
once more, alone, forward I grind
will this trek produce a prize?
I feel as though they fed me lies
everything is not as planned
I can’t recall the feel of sand
I can’t remember when I touched ground
or heard a pleasant, calming sound
it must be fake, those blue skies
nothing here but food for flies
I let out a quiet, defeated groan
just a tale, I should have known
there is no bounty to be found
out of food as birds surround
of all my thoughts, this was the worst
all this water, yet still I thirst
I should have not set out alone
razor-beaks rip flesh from bone.