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Once a place of plenty, now barren, bitter sand
not a drop to drink, in this harsh, hellish land
what an awful place to die
I would weep, but my eyes ran dry
this trek is truly not what I had planned

On the horizon, an oasis gleams bright
with new vigor, I sprint to the sight
I stumble forward as sands shift
tearing the Earth and forming a rift
with the ground, I tremble in fright

From the rift, a colossal face did rise
swallowing hope before my eyes
graced by its glare, my heart did pound
deafened by the cowards’ sound
Its torrential saliva marks me a prize

My weakened body cannot run
all my life sapped by the Sun
malformed fingers pierce the Earth
lifting it up and revealing its girth
oh this day, filled with fun

Its grotesque body dripped with sweat
new to fear and paying my debt
no escape from what I can tell
towering filth surely from hell
the ground shook as each foot set

My lungs filled with toxic air
pungent death singed my hair
its stunted legs increasing their stride
finally upon me with mouth spread wide
consumed and forgotten, fed to despair.