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Have you ever wondered
what worlds would ever be
if all the thoughts we thought
and all the sights we see
were not the tricks of shadows
or demons in our head,
a world to be created
drifting from our bed

But what if it were us
and our lives the dreams did bring?
what creatures gave us joy
to feel our suffering?
I’d much prefer to think
that all the hell we know
is all just our opinion
and from it we may grow

Naïve, I guess, to think that man
would rise above this baser state
but who would spawn such a hell
and for its end slowly wait?
a madman, clearly
one look around, you’ll know it’s true
and to my thoughts, I hope I’m not
the monster god of things taboo

If our world was birthed
in any wayward dream,
I’d hate to live the terrors
that make the dreamer scream.