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Please excuse the inactivity.

My love lay dead before I crawl
raped and mauled by beasts uncounted
another day for the wretched cabal
far too strong to be surmounted
naïve are they, no horde can stop me
I’ll caress my love for all to see

She traveled far, she ventured great
until her knees snapped in their hands
sardonic smile of cruelest fate
stripped her eyes of foreign lands
cursed to bleed until she drowned
while the witch from hell, the new queen crowned

Retrace their steps, I see it now
concrete prison for her leather hide
I shall not fail, this I vow
tonight I lay with my long lost bride
already I smell her sun-bleached hair
remember now why none compare

Lost to bliss as memories surge
of all the tales she left behind
yet all around the scars of scourge
is all a wandering eye may find
if today she stood, long she’d weep
for our distant home, freely they reap

But I have it now, I know the cure
to wipe away this reign of pain
once I hold my love so pure
our love rekindled, it shall remain
the bitch’s legions we shall smite
remove all suffering from our sight

Far too long she’s waited
under corpses of her kin
finally here unaided
I feel her flawless skin
I kiss her neck as I remove her shirt
run my fingers up her skirt

As our bond we consummate
I feel the draining of my life
but oh, to see her rise with eyes ornate
my glistening, beautiful wife
my own Odyssey to see her
and her cracking smile as my eyes blur

As I wake, I behold her standing
by the walls that I did crumble
her piercing gaze ever demanding
that onward I must stumble
have I made a grave mistake?
atrocious error for my love to wake?

Return to where we once did roam
to slaughter dogs on the new queen’s chain
purge the hell from our home
surrounded by light from scrolls arcane
ruby eyes that once were jade
I see now that my love has strayed

Her wings once feathered, now mangled leather
she laughs while the broken cry
she once glowed gold, now surrounded by nether
callous and cold, commanding they die
she’s not the same, but I don’t care
I just want to taste her hair.