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A rotten husk so mangled
and twisted arms so tangled
magpie’s corpse encase
the endless Ash embrace
of the devil hand that strangled

Splintered nails claw at the sky
eternal thirst bleeds all life dry
sprouting ruthless, fiendish hives
cursed to life, forbade to die
nourished by torment, their only drive
famished forever, for it they strive

A pitied soul who erred great
hears haunting, horrid, hymns of hate
ripping flesh and eating skin
grinning, laughing, beasts of sin

Iron anchor to an ivory wall
two at the base impede my fall
crimson streams seep down the turns
putrid eyes with lust burn
bathed in blood as screams enthrall
archaic fate that did befall

Turned to leather and then it showed
six-legged draug that only loathed
sneering smile with rabid spit
lunging forward and my waist bit
disemboweled by yellow teeth
entrails pile beneath

Blackened Sun always high
the swarming hive won’t let me die
filled with vicious venom vile
as the gods that fear me smile
if I escape, their time is nigh
unlike the hive, I’ll let them die

Jagged bark will grate and shred
maggots breached as buzzards fed
grasped for life, nailed to Death
punctured lungs with every breath
curse the land on which they tread
cheating, mocking, gods of dread

Perpetual pecking of incessant crow
cherished gift from my ruthless foe
if I could just close my eyes
and never again have my lids rise
snapped from my dream by severed toe
crucified on Tree of Woe.