With acid spit and vestigial ears,
true ruination finally nears
with endless hunger, its one eye peers
to every layer, each world it sheers
powerless pleas, futile fears
in the abyssal maw, all hope disappears
no god to pray to when it finally appears
off its path, it never veers
at last our turn, the World Eater premiers

A sulfuric mist will trail and precede
coiled tongue rolling, preparing to feed
locked to our scent, increasing its speed
nothing known can ever impede
its endless insatiable need
it makes no difference that you concede
nothing can quell the unfathomable greed
through every scroll, the Elder’s did read
and on our fate, they all have agreed
to salvation, no path will lead
nothing left but to enjoy the mead

Sing like a swan, for closer it treads
earth-breaking roar, looms just ahead
acid spit rains, with maw’s tempting spread
the sky fissures and melts, we are soon to be dead
so many words still remain unsaid
breathless now, at the root of all dread
malicious teeth glide, just overhead
every soul it will shred
not a drop will be bled
when on us, the World Eater has fed.